Marketing Your Home

Urban Living Inc. specializes in highly effective ways of marketing personal real estate. Using both aspects of new and traditional strategies, we are confident in providing you with the best marketing campaign that will capture the ideal demographic of buyers. Our goal is to receive the highest price in the shortest time with minimal showings to keep your family’s privacy at peace.

Web Presence

90% of real estate are sold, bought or found online. By having a website, it allows the potential buyer to access high definition photos, floor plans drawings, Google street view and other features that a normal MLS listing does not provide. This will allow us to efficiently filter through the buyers to save you the time and hassle of showing your home.

Professional High Definition Photos

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” A professional high definition picture in real estate sales is priceless. Our professional photographers will provide you with the finest photography work as part of our marketing package.

Floor Plan Drawings

We include professionally designed and measured floor plan drawings as a part of our marketing package to help us filter through potential buyers efficiently. It allows the potential buyer to visualize the layout before they view your place.

Google Satellite and Street View

Google Satellite and Street View allow the buyer to visualize the area and surroundings before they view your place. Again, this is another effective way of filtering through potential buyers to lessen unnecessary showings.

Custom Flyers and Presentation Kits

Even though it is the twenty first century, some traditional marketing is still powerful and effective. There are some rules in real estate marketing that have not changed for decades and are still in practice by many successful real estate marketers.

Open House

Real estate listings are especially crucial during the first two weeks of its initial listing. Including all the marketing strategies listed above, we will hold successful open houses to maximize the exposure of your home. Successful open houses can build hype and demand resulting in higher and sooner offers.

Interior Design Staging

With our experience in the market and strong awareness of current design trends, we understand the importance of presentation and first impressions.  Home interior design staging services by local companies is available and can be an added option to help increase the value and demand for your home.